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Aladdin's Chicken pitzas

Honey Dijon dressing and our homemade Garlic Sauce topped with chopped grilled chicken tenders, green peppers, and diced scallions
8,75 €

Ali Baba Pitzas

Vegetarian. Baba Gannouj topped with roasted eggplant, feta, sliced tomatoes, calamata olives, and oregano
8,25 €

Arayiss Pitza

Contains Nuts. Our award-winning Hummus topped with seasoned lean ground beef,diced tomatoes, lightly fried pine nuts, and chopped parsley
8,75 €

Chicken Curry Pitza

Contains Nuts. Honey Dijon dressing topped with curried chicken, peas, sliced onions , banana peppers, and fried onions
8,75 €

Farmer's Pitza

Vegetarian. Our homemade Garlic Sauce and Hot Sauce topped with baby spinach, diced yellow squash and zucchini, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, peas, banana peppers…
8,25 €

Farrouk's Falafel Pitza

Vegan, Contains Nuts. Tahini Lemon dressing topped with Falafel, banana peppers,diced tomatoes, and chopped parsley
8,25 €